Asaf Frige

Asaf Frige, VP of Delivery at Signals Analytics. His role includes managing the team responsible for discovering, identifying, and collecting data for Signals Analytics’ research department and developing search strategies. He graduated magna cum laude with an MBA, with a specialization in Finance, from Bar-Ilan University and a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from Bar-Ilan University. Asaf has 10 years of military experience as an intelligence officer.
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Signals Analytics' Approach to Data: Interview with Asaf Frige

Posted by Asaf Frige

Signals Analytics uses open-source, external data. This means that the data we collect and analyze is publicly available. Our approach is unique because we work with external data sources, unlike most big data solutions that focus on internal data (CRM, ERP, supply chain management, financials) that are retrieved from inside the company.

Jan 03, 2017